Lone Star Blower

Lone Star Blower builds future-ready facility to support aggressive growth plans

Pioneer banker David Webster is helping Lone Star Blower seize an enormous opportunity. CEO Andrew Balberg and CFO Jackie Champagne have positioned the company for 5X growth over the next five years, but they were being held back by their 6,000 square-foot location. 

Webster studied the company, saw the immense potential, and structured funding to help Lone Star Blower build out a state-of-the-art 40,000 square-foot facility. The company now has room to grow 10-20 times its current size.

It took deep insight for Dave and Pioneer to fund our plans. Typical startups don’t get the kind of money we needed, and typical banks don’t have the vision to take this journey with us. Dave spent a lot of time with us to really understand our company. He thinks like a business owner and knows when the time is right to capitalize.

– Andrew Balberg, CEO, Lone Star Blower

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