Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital

Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital becomes first mover in an untapped market

Pioneer’s Tim Stubenrouch is helping Dr. Brian Smith bring a new level of pet care to a large community much in need of his services. For typical banks, the prospect of financing a large building for a first-time owner would be an automatic no-go. Stubenrouch looked deeper, and instead of seeing risk he recognized great opportunity.

He analyzed the market and business plan and discovered unique circumstances that would allow a financing structure that could not only get the business launched but also save significant fees. Now Dr. Smith is starting phase two, the building of a spacious boarding facility. Stubenrouch is helping him get it done.

“Tim is as invested in my growth as I am. He instigates conversations about my needs before I even know what they might be. At first I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Having Tim’s expertise was invaluable to opening the business, and he continues to support my vision for expansion.”

Dr. Brian Smith, Owner, Sienna Plantation Animal Hospitals

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