Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats uses a progressive credit approach to fund store expansion and extend its equity runway

Pioneer's Donna Day is helping Tiff’s Treats execute a highly nimble growth strategy. Founders Tiffany Taylor Chen and Leon Chen wanted to use debt to fuel rapid store expansion, which would allow them to preserve the potency of the company’s equity to empower core corporate objectives and drive greater future valuation.

Day became their banker, and soon after became one of their biggest believers. She immersed herself in every aspect of the company, saw that the business was performing on unique benchmarks (not usually embraced by typical banks) and structured a progressive credit facility that would give Tiff’s Treats the agility to be opportunistic in expansion. Tiff’s has continued to fuel growth for their business throughout Central Texas and neighboring states and received recognition as trailblazing entrepreneurs in 2019, winning the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® award.

“As a growing business it’s difficult for traditional banks to understand our risk
profile properly. That’s what makes Donna so valuable. She thinks like an
investor, not like a bank. She took the time to understand our approach and
growth strategy, saw that we could reach our goals with the proper use of debt
and equity, and now she’s helping us get there.”

Leon Chen, Co-Founder, Tiff’s Treats

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