Personal Bank Accounts

Pioneers are really good at making the most of their resources. Part of this spirit is a strong belief that some things just ought to be free. We’d venture that you share this belief.

Free Checking

How can free be even better? How about no minimum balance, free debit card, 50,000+ free ATMs, easy mobile app with check deposits at the snap of a pic. You can pay bills online, pay people from phone to phone, set alerts to keep tabs on your cash. Oh, and did we mention all this is free?

Free High School Checking

It’s really all a teen needs – debit card, cool app, ATMs for days, done. Set spending limits and account alerts so nobody has to stress.

Free Savings

Pay us? Forget it. We’ll pay you. And our tiered interest rates pay you even more when you save more. By the way, all that free ATM goodness comes with our savings accounts too.

Free Kid Savings

One dollar and the account is open. (Although we do accept higher deposits!) Plus, kids earn a higher interest rate than we’d ever pay an adult up to the first $5,000. Financial teaching moment right there.

Money Markets

It’s like a savings account with more flexibility. You can write a few checks each month while earning a higher interest rate on the money you save.

Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Guaranteed high-rate that beats the FDIC national average. Who doesn’t like guarantees?


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