Simple Savings

Getting where you want to be tomorrow depends on what you do today. Pioneer Bankers can design a savings plan to get you started and help you get there faster.

Get started toward your next big thing. Click to set up a time to talk that works best for you.

Free Savings. Saving made simple. As your balance grows, so does your interest, plus you only need $1 to open.

Free High School Checking. It’s really all a teen needs – debit card, cool app, ATMs for days, done. Set spending limits and account alerts so nobody has to stress.

Free Kids Savings. Start your kids on their banking journey. You only need 100 pennies to get started and kids earn a higher interest rate than we’d pay an adult (for their first $5,000). We think it’s important for kids to see their money grow.

Money Markets. Better-than-savings rates for higher balances and you can conveniently make a few purchases each month, similar to a checking account.

Certificates of Deposit. CDs provide low-risk, longer-term savings, plus we guarantee that our rates beat the FDIC national average.

IRA's. The simplest, tax-advantaged way to save for retirement. The sooner you start your IRA, the more your money grows.