Mobile Banking

Convenient banking services through your mobile device

The Pioneer Bank Mobile App makes it easy to access your accounts and manage transactions through your mobile device. Start by downloading the app from your app store by searching 'Pioneer Bank Texas.' Below you'll find video tutorials to help you use this powerful system.

Account Maintenance

Set up mobile banking the way you like it by setting alerts, naming accounts, hiding accounts and more.

Video thumbnail image for nicknaming your accounts.
Video thumbnail for hiding your accounts from view.
Video thumbnail image for setting up alerts.
Video thumbnail for transactions, search, filter and history.

Debit Card

Turn your debit card on/off with a tap in mobile banking. Great for those times you misplace your card or use this tool to turn your card on only when you are ready to make a purchase (like when you are standing at the register).

Video thumbnail for turning debit cards on and off.

Move Money

Pay friends or pay yourself; move money with ease using Pioneer’s Pay People and Transfer services.

Video thumbnail image for how to pay people, email or text them.
Video thumbnail image for transferring money to another person's account.

Pay Bills with Picture Pay

Add one-time and recuring bill payments with our billpay service. The mobile app allows you to pay your bill using the camera on your mobile device. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Video thumbnail image for picture pay.
Video thumnail for adding billpay payees.
Video thumbnail image for editing billpay payees.
Image thumbnail image for making billpay payments
Video thumbnail image for recurring billpay payments.

Mobile Deposit

Use our app to snap a pic of the front and back of a check. Your deposit is done. Booyah!

Video thumbnail image for mobile deposits.