Day after day, Dana* was physically and emotionally abused by her traffickers. One day, she bravely called @A21’s Resource Line. They were able to guide her to the nearest police station and assist her to safety. This is why I’m fundraising for @A21’s #WalkForFreedom. Because every dollar raised empowers their resource lines to answer more calls for help from victims like Dana. Today, I’d love for you to help me reach my fundraising goal. Together, we can give hope for lives still trapped in slavery around the world, that freedom is possible. Give here: (Insert fundraising page link) *Survivor’s names and photos have been changed for their protection

#WalkForFreedom This coming Saturday, October 20, Pioneer Bank will be joining citizens from Hobbs in the A21 Walk for Freedom.  We will also be holding a bake sale Friday, October 19th to raise funds for this charity that is working hard to stop human trafficking.

When we fundraise, traffickers are prosecuted in Greece. Victims are identified in  Ukraine. Children are protected in Thailand. Resource lines are called in South Africa. Lives are restored in America. Join us in fundraising for @A21’s #WalkForFreedom
and together, our dollars can be difference between slavery and freedom for lives around the globe.

Please join us and other Hobbs residents as we fight trafficking on the ground to reach the vulnerable, rescue victims, and restore survivors. We believe each dollar matters and can bring freedom to lives around the globe still trapped in slavery.

Learn more about A21 at https://www.a21.org