Thank goodness you clicked here.  We knew you’d be the one.  You’re the one who has googled around and searched the Internet to find the one last shred of interesting content that no one else has read.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Read on.

Pioneer Bank isn’t like other banks.  We’re not the biggest.  We don’t have a stage coach. Our name isn’t instantly connected with Manhattan.  And we don’t claim to be the bank for America.

But just because we aren’t like the big out-of-state money center banks, it doesn’t mean we can’t work hard, dig deep, and offer you an unexpectedly local Texas banking experience with all the bells and whistles and technology you can get from those guys.  In fact, we can.  And do.

Click around and see what we mean.  Download our app from your app store and then tell me what techy stuff you need that we don’t have.  For most of the people we know, we got tech checked off.

All that’s good.  Yet we’ve never met a discerning customer who picked their bank by the size of the bank’s building or by the size of their bank’s computer.  We believe, in the end, it’s about our people.  Bankers you can connect with and trust and find when you need them.  Entrepreneurial bankers.  Bankers who walk a different line and we don’t mean swagger.  We’re talking about what you and most everyone else in America wants: a personal banker that actually gives a hoot about you.

It’s a little unexpected.  Heck, maybe we are the bank for America.