ARM DonationWe are thrilled to announce the incredible collaboration between Team Pioneer members and our Community Initiatives program! Through our collective efforts, we’ve successfully donated a total of $900 to the @Angie Ramirez Memorial Foundation in Roswell.
Here’s how it happened: Each Team Pioneer member was given $100 to donate to a cause close to their hearts. With enthusiasm and dedication, nine team members carefully selected the Angie Ramirez Memorial Foundation as the recipient of their contributions. This foundation holds significant meaning for us as it honors the memory of a beloved community member and supports causes that uplift our local community.
Through this initiative, we’ve not only demonstrated the power of teamwork and community engagement but also made a meaningful impact on a cause that holds deep significance for us. We are immensely proud of our team members for their generosity and compassion, and we look forward to continuing to make positive contributions to our community together. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this donation possible! #TeamPioneer #CommunityFirst