Reaching a milestone like five years of service is no small feat, and it’s important to recognize the efforts of Elizabeth Harrigan, AVP/Retail Banking Supervisor,  who has achieved this significant accomplishment. Not only does it show appreciation for her contributions to Pioneer Bank, but this feat also helps to build morale and inspire others to strive towards similar achievements.

When asked about her time at Pioneer Bank, Elizabeth stated, “I still remember, like it was yesterday, when I applied for a teller position at Pioneer Bank, I had no banking experience, and I had just moved to Las Cruces from Mexico.  I honestly didn’t even think I would get the job, but Melody and Kiel made me feel so welcome when they interviewed me.  I was so excited to start working here, and to this day, I come with the same or even more excited because now I have the opportunity to help those around me.  Pioneer Bank has shown me that we are a family that supports each other, and we have leaders who genuinely care about us.  I am looking forward to what we will accomplish together in the future.”

Kiel Hoffman, Executive Vice President Las Cruces Market President, had this to add about Elizabeth, “Liz is an up-and-comer at Pioneer.  With every new position, she has moved up with confidence and commitment.  She has truly grown as a  leader, and her employees love her.  She also is a bulldog (a nice bulldog) when it comes to completing tasks, finding answers, and helping customers.  Liz also has a very creative mind and is always finding ways to use her skills both for the bank and in life.  Finally, she is a great team member, always there for everyone.”

Elizabeth, this is an exciting and proud moment for both you and our team. It’s an acknowledgment of your commitment, hard work, and dedication to the company over a significant period of time.  We look forward to many more years together.

Elizabeth Harrigan