esther AvilesEsther Aviles, Vice President/Human Resources Director,  recently celebrated a huge milestone of working for Pioneer Bank for 20 years!  Working for Pioneer Bank for 20 years signifies a significant investment of time and effort toward her professional development and our growth. It demonstrates a level of commitment and loyalty towards Pioneer Bank. After two decades of service, Esther has built a vast network of relationships within the company, gained extensive knowledge and skills, and contributed significantly to our success.

Christopher Palmer, President/CEO says, “Esther is a loyal and dedicated team member.  She is always willing to jump in and help where she can.  We applaud the determination and effort Esther has demonstrated and look forward to many years to come. Thank you for 20 amazing years with Pioneer.”  When asked how Esther felt after 20 years at Pioneer Bank, she explained, “I’m thankful to be a part of Pioneer’s growth over the years. Thank you, for all the motivation and encouragement you have given me in the last 20 years. My team Pioneer family is the best!”

Thank you, Esther, for all you do to keep Pioneer Bank successful!