In the heart of Southeast New Mexico, there is one teen center seeking to be a catalyst for change, compassion and collaboration. The Unity Center is that venue. Providing a safe space for voice to be heard, ideas to be shared, creativity to be launched, and dreams to be realized, the Unity Center stands alone in Chaves County as THE singular destination for children, teens and caring adults who have a need for acceptance and a voice needing to lift. Together, these voices through music, art, drama and writing narrate the life of the southwest with its challenges and unique glory from the mysticism of the sunsets to the scourge of poverty and crime. The only teen center in Roswell, a community approaching 50,000 persons, The Unity Center conducts outreach to teen 12-19 years old.

Recently, the Unity Center approached Pioneer Bank to request assistance in putting in a basketball court for the kids at the Unity Center to help them live an active, healthy lifestyle.  Pioneer Bank reached out to Xcel Energy and Roswell Ready Mix to create a partnership to make this happen.  These three philanthropic businesses understand the importance of investing in the youth of our community and were proud to step up and provide the basketball goals.  Local artist, Eddie Macias Sr also volunteered to stripe the court.

Though the Unity Center’s financial resources are limited, the resources of the mind, the spirit, and the heart sustain the mission and takes them closer to the vision of a united Roswell, a united Chaves County and a united New Mexico. By giving voice to the hopes and fears of today’s teens, providing a space for their music and their arts to come to life, the Unity Center is changing lives and changing community, one person at a time.  Visit them at