The Roswell Chaves County Economic Development Corporation (RCCEDC) held a press release today announcing support for one local business that has a plan to assist the community.  Bud Kunkle, President of RCCEDC announced that members of the board and members of Church on the Move personally donated money to help the local Saddle Barn business with their payroll.  Tracy Wright, one of the owners of the Saddle Barn, explained they will use that money to pay their staff to make masks for the community.  Troy Smotherman, Pastor of Church on the Move, announce the members of the church will be responsible for distributing the masks once they are completed.

Christopher G. Palmer, President and CEO of Pioneer Bank is the Treasurer of the RCCEDC. We are so proud of his efforts to keep the staff of Pioneer Bank working and safe, but also of his contributions to the Chaves County community.  Pioneer Bank cares about the communities we serve and love to share positive news like this.

Thank you Christopher, RCCEDC, Saddle Barn and Church on the Move for your efforts to keep our citizens safe.

Although these masks will be given out, the Saddle Barn is able to make masks for you.  If you would like to purchase masks in bulk, you can visit them online at