We are so proud of our Team Members at Pioneer Bank.  So many of them, whether called upon or not, consistently strive to better themselves, and in turn, Pioneer Bank.  They always get the job done without hesitation or reservation.  Their work ethic and integrity drive our continued success. These Team Members in Roswell recently were promoted for their efforts in learning more about how they can better serve the customer.

From our Downtown Roswell Branch, we had three promotions: Katrina Amerman, Priscilla Aceves and Vanessa Bejarano.  They were presented with their certificates by Saul Madrid, Retail Banking Supervisor and Carolyn Bell, VP/Operations Manager.

“Katrina strives to do her best and is always eager to learn new things,” stated Saul about Katrina.  She was promoted to Teller III.  Vanessa was promoted to Teller II.  Saul said, “Vanessa continues to prove that she is willing to learn the necessary steps to move up.”  Priscilla was also promoted to Teller III and Saul knows that “Priscilla continues to challenge her self and is always willing to learn new things by accepting any new challenges that may come her way.”

From our Corporate Headquarters in Roswell, we had two promotions: Addison Mann and Alejandra Garcia.  They were presented their certificates by Rene Ruiz, Retail Banking Supervisor and Carolyn Bell, VP/Operations Manager.

“Addison is a great asset to Pioneer Bank,” stated Rene.  “She provides exceptional customers service. Addison is always willing to go the extra mile for a customer just to receive a smile. We are happy that Addison is a part of Team Pioneer.” Addison was promoted to CSR II.

About Alejandra Rene stated, “Alejandra is a great worker and her hard work is showing. She is a go-getter and puts in all the effort to give back to her customers and the community. I am excited for Alejandra and what she brings to Team Pioneer. Alejandra was promoted to CSR II.

We are so grateful to have such amazing Team Members at Pioneer Bank!

Katrina Amerman

Saul Madrid, Katrina Amerman, Carolyn Bell

Vanessa Bejarano

Saul Madrid, Vanessa Bejarano, Carolyn Bell

Priscilla Aceves

Saul Madrid, Priscilla Aceves, Carolyn Bell

Addison Mann

Rene Ruiz, Addison Mann, Carolyn Bell

Alejandra Garcia

Rene Ruiz, Alejandra Garcia, Carolyn Bell