At Pioneer Bank, our exceptional employees are major contributors to our success.   Often we find a team member that stands out with extraordinary character, values and dedication to our customers and our prosperity.

We are proud to announce Brandi Candelaria, Retail Banking Supervisor has been recognized as the August Employee of the Month.  Brandi always does more than asked and exhibits the willingness and ability to take on more responsibility to help our customers and the bank grow.

“Brandi Candeleria was hired as a teller at our Carlsbad Branch on 10/21/2013.  Since that time, she has relocated to Roswell and been promoted to Teller Supervisor, Retail Banking Supervisor, and took on many duties in the back office as one of our Retail Operations Specialist,” proclaimed Denise Gendreau, Vice President/Retail Operations.  “Brandi is returning to her “roots”, and she is taking over as the Retail Banking Supervisor at our very busy Carlsbad branch.  Brandi is a diverse employee who is willing to learn and do anything.  Her exceptional compassion towards Pioneer Bank, staff, management, and customers makes her an extraordinary employee.  Recently, she stepped up to help us train and lead the retail staff in Carlsbad.  She did this without hesitation.  While working six days a week, she left Roswell by 6:00 am and returned home no earlier than 6 pm.  Her energy and eagerness to teach, motivate, and nurture the Carlsbad team makes Brandi an amazing and intricate part of the Pioneer Team.  I am very proud of Brandi, and please join me in wishing her only the very best in her most recent endeavor.  Congratulations Brandi – “Pioneer Mom” is very, very proud of you!”

Eric Ehler, Assistant Vice President/Information Security Officer stated, “Brandi’s willingness to embrace change and take any tasks head on it what makes her such a valuable team member. She loves the idea of change and trying to find a better way to do things.”

Thank you, Brandi, for being such an amazing team member.  We are so proud of you.