We are so proud of our Team Members for always striving to learn more on how to improve our products and customer service. We recently recognized several employees for their hard work and dedication to our customers.

Ashley Ruiz

Nicole Austin,Executive Vice President Commercial Lending, presents Ashley Ruiz with her certificate

In Hobbs, Retail Banking Manager, Ashley Ruiz, earned her Universal Banker Certificate.  “Since Ashley’s 2014 start date with Pioneer Bank, she has worked in Consumer Lending and Retail Operations,” said Denise Gendreau, Vice President/Retail Operations.  “Her talents and hard work has promoted her to the Retail Manager of our Hobbs branches.  Ashley is dedicated, committed, and passionate about her work, her staff, and Pioneer Bank. Ashley embraces every challenge, and she sincerely enjoys her job.  Advancing through the training program as a Universal Banker is just one of Ashley’s many goals.”

In Roswell, several employees were recognized.

Carolyn Bell

Carolyn Bell is recognized as our Universal Banker Training Officer by Denise Gendreau

Our retail banking anchor, Carolyn Bell, Retail Banking Manager/Training Officer was acknowledged as our Universal Banking Training Officer.  “With the implementation of the Universal Banker program, Carolyn embraced the challenge,” Denise Gendreau proudly stated.  “She spent nights and weekends working and re-working the class.  This work was done alongside her “regular” job as the Roswell Retail Manager.  Her love, enthusiasm, and energy for her job and for Pioneer Bank is contagious! ”

Saul Madrid

Carolyn Bell presents Saul Madrid with his Universal Banker certificate

Saul Madrid, Retail Banking Supervisor at our St. Mary’s branch was awarded his Universal Banker certificate.  His knowledge of our entire suite of products is astounding. “We are so proud of Saul,” stated Carolyn Bell.  “He has been our RBS at the south branch since July 2017 and has done a outstanding job. Saul is proud to be a member of Team Pioneer.”

Rainy Almond

Denise Gendreau presents Rainy Almond with a gift after earning her Assistant Trainer promotion.

Resource Center Manager/ HPC Champion, Rainy Almond, was promoted to Assistant Trainer. “Rainy has a passion, and she loves everything about the Haberfeld program,” stated Denise Gendreau.  “Without hesitation, Rainy re-designed the CSR training classes and assisted with the leadership and Universal Banker classes.  This was done in addition to her duties as the Resource Center Manager.  She takes on any challenge with compassion and a thirst to do and be more.”

Kimberly Reed, Amanda Lucero, Carrie Dockal

Carolyn Bell presents Kimberly Reed, Amanda Lucero and Carrie Dockal with their Teller Supervisor certificates.

Three Team Members were awarded with their Teller Supervisor certificates: Kimberly Reed, Amanda Lucero and Carrie Dockal.

“Since day one Kimberly has shown she has what it takes to achieve any goal she sets her mind to,” stated Saul Madrid, Retail Banking Supervisor. “She always strives to do her best and does a great job on motivating her team to do their best.”

Carolyn Bell had this to say about Amanda Lucero, “Amanda is a very hard worker , and loves Pioneer Bank.” Eric Ehler, AVP/Information Security Officer/Vendor Manager, added “Amanda has worked very hard to become our teller supervisor at the downtown branch. Amanda is very knowledgeable and an awesome employee. We are excited to have her as our teller supervisor.”

Regarding Carrie Dockal, Carolyn exclaimed, “Carrie is a very hard worker who loves what she does, and take pride in all areas of her job . Carrie has advanced through attending all the training available to her.”

Randi Davis

Carolyn Bell presents Randi Davis with her CSR II Certificate

Team Member Randi Davis was promoted to CSR II and recognized for her hard work and assistance in Retail Administration. “Randi is a very dedicated team member, stated Eric Ehler, AVP/Information Security Officer/Vendor Manager. “She is always willing to take on any new responsibilities that are presented to her with an unwavering commitment to solving the problem and discovering the most streamlined process to complete a task.”

Rene Ruiz

Eric Ehler presents Rene Ruiz with his thank you gift

Lastly, Rene Ruiz, Retail Operations Specialist was recognized for his hard work and assistance in Retail Administration. “Rene has an appetite for the knowledge is commendable,” stated Eric Ehler. “He is a team member that can be given a task and he will run with it and get from A to B both ethically and timely. He is a strong team member for Pioneer Bank.”