Team Pioneer is very proud that we have so many Team Members that choose to help us grow and serve our customers.  The average tenure at the bank is six years, with the longest employment at thirty years!  These Team Members have all been at Pioneer Bank for five years and we look forward to many more years together.

Ashley Vasquez

Ashley Vasquez, RBO Specialist is pleased with the opportunities that Pioneer Bank offers, “The past 5 years being with Pioneer have been nothing but growth for me. I came in as a very shy and closed off person, but as of now I can confidently say that I am more open to change and I aspire to one day become a leader.”

Alma Salas, Director of Retail Branch Operations said this about Ashley, “Ashley is always willing to jump in and help.  She has learned and excelled so much in the time she has been with Pioneer Bank.  She is an important part of the team.”

Amanda Lucero

Amanda Lucero, Teller Supervisor stated, “I really enjoy working at Pioneer Bank. It is nice to work for a company that actually cares about their employees and our families.”

Carolyn Bell, Vice President/Roswell Retail Manager and Training Officer, had this to say about Amanda, “Amanda  is a hard worker and committed to Team Pioneer. Amanda has worked at all of the Pioneer branches in New Mexico as a supporter.  Amanda has grown into leadership rolls and will be moving to the Loan Department.  We will miss Amanda on the Retail side.”

Lanie Smith

Lanie Smith, CCBCO, CBAP, VP, BSA/Compliance/CRA Officer states, “I feel so fortunate to work at Pioneer Bank — we have exceptional leaders that have not only invested in us as team members, but they have invested in every one of our communities.”

Aaron Emmert, CFO, is proud of what Lanie does for Pioneer, “Lanie is a valued member of Team Pioneer.  She has done an amazing job in her role as Compliance Officer and has built a great team around her.  She should be proud of what she has accomplished in her five years with Pioneer.”    

Santiago Meza, Commercial Lender in Las Cruces, is proud of his accomplishments at the bank, “Being at Pioneer Bank has allowed me to grow, develop, and provide opportunities in ways that I could not imagine. I am grateful and humbled to have been apart of this company for these past five years. I look forward to the future with Pioneer Bank!”

Kiel Hoffman, Market President, has been Santiagos mentor and is very pleased with his contributions to Pioneer Bank, “Santiago has become a great asset to our company.  He will be starting his third year in lending and has really started to have a following of businesses and individuals providing referrals and opportunities. We continue to look for great things ahead!”