There are many reasons why banking at a COMMUNITY BANK like Pioneer Bank is better for your financial future and the community you live in.

Our bank offers the same technology perks you would get from larger banks such as mobile and Internet banking, online bill pay, pay other people and even allow you to turn your debit card on or off if you misplace it.

As an added bonus we offer completely free checking with direct deposit – and a free gift.

Our Community Bankers also own a portion of the bank, so we are passionate in providing our customers with the best service and products available.  Not only do we want Pioneer Bank customers to thrive, we also care that our employee-owners succeed.

Friendly Banking Experience

The personal service our team members at Pioneer Bank provide is outstanding.  You can call or stop in to any one of our branches where many of our team know you by name.  We live and work in the community and we are here to help you because our business depends on your success.

Keep Decision-Making Local

At Pioneer Bank, key decisions are made locally.  We have face-to-face relationships with our customers and we understand the needs of our community.  Because of this personal knowledge, we are often able to approve small business and other loans that a big bank would reject.

Pioneer Bank Shares a Commitment to Our Communities

When you deposit at Pioneer Bank, you play a vital role in the success of our local economy.  Your money is used to provide loans for your neighbor to purchase a house or a local business to open or expand.  Your deposit supports community development which adds jobs and commerce to the local economy.

Re-investing Locally

As a COMMUNITY BANK, we are committed to make a positive difference by engaging in meaningful and effective programs that work to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.Our team also provides sponsorships to local organizations and events.

We donated over 2700 hours of volunteer time and over $110,000 to our communities in 2017 and are on track with even more for 2018.

A Proven History of Success

Pioneer Bank employees have worked with enthusiastic dedication and determination to honor the integrity and goals of our original founders since 1901.  They envisioned a financial institution that would help communities grow.  A persistence and devotion that Pioneer Bank will continue into the future.

If you have not yet experienced banking with Pioneer Bank, we encourage you to learn more today.