At Pioneer Bank we have so many wonderful Team Members. We determined that peer recognition for our employees is a great way to highlight those leaders within Team Pioneer with character and work ethics that reflect our core values. We had 19 nominations submitted by various people throughout the organization. It was an extremely difficult task to narrow it down to the top three due to the quality of the submissions. The following people were nominated for this award:

Las Cruces:

Becca Dominguez

Elizabeth Harrigan

Maria Ornelas

Savannah Montoya (2)


Flor Valdez


Roxana Segovia


Jerrod Myers

Rainy Almond

Arianna Amaya

Becky Underation

Anna White

Alma Salas

Eric Ehler

Jessica Ponce

Monica Ruiz (2)

Juliana Halvorson

Priscilla Aceves

All the nominations were wonderful and choosing the top three Rising Stars was definitely not an easy task. We are so proud of our winners and hope you join us in congratulating them:

Savannah 2

1st Place

Savannah Montoya nominated by Melody Parra and Maria Ornelas

Savannah is a wonderful supervisor and a great team player.  She is driven to give her best and is constantly searching for ways to improve people, processes, and the Team as a whole.  Savannah has taken it upon herself to train her own tellers at her branch to provide continuity within her Team.  Savannah has become our own little detective in Las Cruces and has caught several fraudulent items.  Savannah is willing to cover at other branches and assists where the need arises.  The customers love Savannah.  She knows them by name and is known to many as their own personal banker.  Savannah is efficient, professional, and has a wonderful road ahead of her with Team Pioneer.

alma 2

2nd Place

Alma Salas nominated by Tawnie Honey

Alma holds all the core values that Pioneer strives to obtain in each leader.  She puts people first, no matter if it is a customer or a teammate.  She thinks outside the box to secure the business.  When it comes to her teammates, she writes words of encouragement, makes birthdays special, and has even been known to cheer someone up with a puppy visit.  She points out the best characteristics in others and how they do their job well.  She is a great teacher and is accountable.  Alma deserves to be recognized with this award because her hours of effort and how she makes her team feel does not go unnoticed.  She doesn’t know the impact she makes on our organization.

Rebecca 2

3rd Place

Becca Dominguez nominated by Kiel Hoffman

In summary, Kiel stated that Becca is loved by all and that even at her busiest will help any customer who walks in even if it isn’t her area to cover.  She listens to the customers and her teammates and offers sound advice.  She is a great example to all employees about being accountable, reliable, and self-directive.

Congratulations to all three of the top award winners! Additionally, thank you to those that took the time to nominate one of their Teammates for this award and to those who were nominated.