At Pioneer Bank we are doing everything we can to protect our Team Members and the public to combat COVID-19.  We are practicing safe hygiene, social distancing, work from home, and more.  We also understand the need to provide you with the services you need without interruption.  We know your schedules and time with family is important, so to cut down on wait times in our drive-thru windows, we have added more hours to help you on Saturdays.  Please check your branch schedule to see the extended hours.

We also continue to serve your financial needs with our digital and non-contact services. We encourage our customers to utilize Internet Banking and our drive-up windows when possible. Additionally, our various ITM terminals allow you to conduct almost any transaction you would wish to do within one of our branches. You can even receive virtual assistance from a live representative.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times and are here for you.